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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh My GOSH!!! The painting is almost done...

 So today I spent putting the final coat of paint on my wood paneling.  It's looking really good so far.
 Here is the back wall and left side of the fireplace.
 Top of the fireplace
 The wall on the right side of the room
 same right side wall
 Entry to the basement
 top of the wall by the basement entrance
 left side of fireplace
 left side of fireplace

 Over top the slider - you can see where I stopped, well you'll why in a minute.
 another shot of the wall on the right side of the room
Here is the right side of the wall along with the file place in it. 
Now here is the reason why I stopped on top of the slider....I have to move this exercise equipment - then it will finally be finished...........

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