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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Chairs!!!

OK, so some of you already know that I want to turn my home into a "beach house"!  It's the closest I'm going to get to owning a beach house.  Anyway, I've been looking for some chairs that would go with this theme w/o breaking the bank.

I decided I would check IKEA and see what they have.  I have looked online before, but never found anything that caught my eye!  Any way I came across this:  CHAIR AT IKEA $69.99

They had the same chair in black but that wouldn't have been beachy....right?  So I was very happy that IKEA has this one on display.  Well when I sat in it, it wasn't that comfortable....and it was low to the ground.  :O(

So I kept standing there staring at the chairs and found this one:  IKEA CHAIR 2
which looked like this:
 I sat is this chair and it was much better, even my husband agreed.  However, it was $99.99.  So I stay in the chair and think about it for a while.  I decided I would go for it.

Here's me putting them together:



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