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Sunday, May 23, 2010

painting & vinyl

So this weekend it was kinda rainy here and I decided to try something new! I went to the craft store and bought some canvas for painting and 2 colors of acrylic paint. Saturday was rainy outside and I decided to paint in the garage.

I started out with a color called "pool blue" and then a second color called "carribean" - here's what it started to look like:

Sure the pool blue is the complete background, but I decided to make the caribbean color random on the canvas. I waited overnight to be sure it was completely dry and then headed over to see my cricut! I decided that black would be a great color contrast on this so here's what I did:
Here is a better picture of the completed painting:

You can see the 2 different colors better. I cut the star from the cricut and then I used a star punch to make the little starts in the corner. I punched the black bigger than the blue in order to layer it.

I also did this on my sewing machine case:

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