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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WINNER WINNER - Chicken Dinner!!!!


I entered a football pool at work and I played 4 squares for a total of 20bux!!!

So then on Monday after the Super Bowl, I ask what were the results?!?  I was told that I won...I was like WHAT??  Then my friend put up her hand as if to use a peace sign and whispered "TWICE"!!!  My eyes got as big as half dollars and I saw WHAT again but louder!!!

So I won $250bux WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

It took me all of a day to figure out what I was doing with my winnings.....drum roll please....

 so now all I can say go me go me!!!!  LOL 
As of yesterday I was able to pre-order my tix since I am a Madonna fan club member!!!  As the saying goes: "Membership has its privileges"

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